Flexicare LarySeal Clear Disposable PVC Laryngeal Mask Airways

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Medical Grade PVC
Single Use
Cost Effective
Easy to Purchase

Less risk of slipping or dislocation
The silicone matte surface finish of the cuff provides a good adhesion to the oropharyngeal area and reduces the risk of movement and dislocation of the cuff.

Color Coded Pilot Balloon
Ease of identification of sizing by color coded pilot balloons.

Universal Connection
15mm M connector complies to BS EN ISO 5356 standard.

Non Kinking Main Tube
The main tube wall is of high grade silicone. While resisting kinking, it is more secure for accidental patient bite.

Easy indication of the cuff pressure through pilot balloon
Thin wall pilot balloon indicates the inflation of the cuff.

Reduce the risk of cross contamination
Sterile product in secure packaging.

Reduced risk of blockage and turbulence, ease of use for endoscopy
Anatomically shaped patient port allows for better flow with lower resistance. The deep design of this port reduces the risk of blockages by soft tissues. The open patient end port allows the use of endoscope without restriction.

Printed info on the main tube
Guidance for air volume and size printed on the main tube.

Readily available in 6 color coded sizes
Products are readily available in 6 sizes from size 1 to 5, and have color coded pilot balloons for ease of identification.

Clearly labeled packaging
Instructions for use are clearly shown on the easy opening packaging.

Full Glottis view
The supraglottic airway device allows for a clear view of the glottis using an endoscope.

Laryngeal Mask Airway color coding
All of the Flexicare LarySeal range has a color coded pilot balloon which corresponds to the size of the Laryngeal Mask Airway, providing a clear visual indication of the size, therefore facilitating quicker selection.

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16066 Size 1 - Box of 10 $115.00
16067 Size 1.5 - Box of 10 $115.00
16068 Size 2 - Box of 10 $115.00
16069 Size 2.5 - Box of 10 $115.00
16070 Size 3 - Box of 10 $115.00
16071 Size 4 - Box of 10 $115.00
16072 Size 5 - Box of 10 $115.00