Intersurgical Solus MRI-Safe Disposable PVC Laryngeal Mask Airways

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The standard Solus is fitted with a robust metal valve which heightens its reliability, particularly in emergency situations. For MRI use a colour coded plastic valve provides the user with two key features:

  • A ferrous-free option which will not distort images or interfere with the magnet
  • Effective performance within a three year shelf life
  • The MRI compatible range has clearly identifiable packaging with a distinct MRI logo.

Due to growing concerns regarding the risk of cross infection in hospitals, Intersurgical offers the Solus single-use laryngeal mask airway which is ideal for use both in anesthesia and emergency medicine.

  • Accurately aligned cuff positioning indicators
  • High quality airway connector
  • Prominently displayed cuff size (For post-insertion reference)
  • Touch-sensitive pilot balloon (For cuff pressure monitoring)
  • Integrated inflation tube (To overcome the risks of the tube becoming caught between teeth)
  • Clear airway tube (To allow for early detection of rising fluids)
  • Classic cuff shape (For optimum anatomical conformance)
  • Soft, low-friction cuff (Flexible and smooth)
  • Firm, smooth-surfaced back plate (To aid ease of insertion)
  • Pliable airway tube
  • Non-removable inks
  • Uncluttered essential information (For quick visual reference)

Why single use?
Some reusable laryngeal mask airway's can go through an estimated 800 process handlings during their recommended 40-use lifespan; Solus undergoes just 8 process handlings, including disposal. When cross infection is a major concern, this offers a distinct advantage: typically Solus will be handled by only three individuals during its use!

Flexibility and Strength
The materials used in the manufacturing of the Solus have been specifically chosen to provide the product with the quality, flexibility and strength required to work effectively within a range of demanding clinical applications.

Convenience and Safety
The Solus range has been designed with convenience and safety in mind. Because Solus is a single-use product, it requires only two simple pre-use checks: (1) observation of the airway tube to inspect for occlusion or foreign objects and (2) cuff inflation to check for patency. The Solus is supplied sterile so it is a convenient ready-to-use product. Designed to be disposed of immediately after use - no need for cleaning processes!

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