Portex Soft Seal Disposable PVC Laryngeal Mask Airways

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Research has shown that even thoroughly cleaned reusable airway devices still contain residual protein deposits which have the potential for disease transmission. With the single-use Portex Soft Seal Laryngeal Mask, all possibility of cross-infection between patients is eliminated.

The Portex® Soft Seal® Laryngeal Mask features the exclusive Soft Seal® Cuff which is less permeable to nitrous oxide than that of re-usable masks, reducing increase in pressure and minimizing potential trauma.

Its smooth one-piece design allows easy insertion and positioning. With no step between tube and shoe and an integral inflation line, the Portex Soft Seal Laryngeal Mask is easy to insert and remove and reduces the risk of damage to the line.

The cuff, combined with the higher atrium, helps to provide an improved seal. The Portex® Soft Seal® Laryngeal Mask is designed to avoid the risk of blockage without the need for obstructive epiglottis bars, allowing easy access for flexible fiber optic devices and fiber optic guided placement of endotracheal tubes.

Product Features

  • Clear tubing. Easy identification of correct placement
  • Higher atrium contributes to a better seal
  • Soft Seal®cuff. Less permeable to nitrous oxide
  • Atraumatic tip to reduce the risk of trauma
  • No epiglottis bars. Aids the insertion of fiber optics and introducers
  • 15mm connector
  • Non-return valve
  • Printed pilot balloon
  • Integrated pilot line
  • Radio opaque Blue Line®

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