Flexicare Venticaire Fiber Optic Macintosh English Profile Full Laryngoscope Set

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All of Flexicare's stainless steel handles are Bi-Polar, allowing the Laryngoscope to function irrespective of which way the batteries are inserted. The handles can also be opened from both ends (top and bottom) in order to remove swelled batteries with ease.

The standard range of laryngoscopes are manufactured from high quality stainless steel giving long life to both blades and handles. The light bulb in the blade can easily be changed and the distance from the bulb to the blade tip will protect the patient from accidental burns, whilst providing a high level of illumination.

The Venticaire range of fiber optic laryngoscopes are manufactured without an inner sleeve, thus producing a lightweight handle. The halogen bulb produces a cold yet bright illumination, providing an intensity of light required during examination and intubation.

High Quality Stainless Steel
The blades are fully autoclavable and we offer a full range of sizes. All our blades conform to BS EN ISO 7376.