Heine Alpha+ Ophthalmoscope (Head Only)

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  • 2.5V or 3.5V XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Bright, white light, especially with 3.5V.
  • Optical components mounted on a metal frame. Constant optical precision, long working life.
  • Dustproof. Maintenance-free.
  • 2.5V battery or 3.5V rechargeable handles with NiMH battery. Environmentally-friendly, high capacity rechargeable battery.
  • 4 apertures with separate selection of interference red-free filter. Suitable for small pupils. Filter provides increased contrast with each aperture.
  • Rekoss Disk with 50 Diopters (-30 D to +20 D in single diopter increments) for perfect focus even with high refractive errors.
  • High impact polycarbonate housing for durability.


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16794 2.5 Volt With Aperture Wheel I $332.60
16797 3.5 Volt With Aperture Wheel I $332.60
16795 2.5 Volt With Aperture Wheel II $354.40
16798 3.5 Volt With Aperture Wheel II $349.80
16799 3.5 Volt With Aperture Wheel III $329.10