Welch Allyn Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

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The top of a superior line of ophthalmic instruments.

The Welch Allyn 125 BIO is designed to achieve precise binocular viewing and stereopsis easier than ever before. Its observation paths can be adjusted from 48 mm to 74 mm to handle the widest and narrowest interpupillary distances.


  • Video-aligned optical system ensures precise positioning of components for easy viewing
  • Well-padded leather headband and swooped design combined with ergonomic controls provide comfort and simple operation
  • Illumination and visual pathways can be converged for excellent visualization and true small-pupil capability
  • Adjusts to handle interpupillary distances of 49 mm to 74 mm--the widest BIO range available
  • SoftTilt park/rest feature allows optics to be moved to a stationary position out of your line of vision
  • Halogen light source is one of the brightest, longest-lasting BIO lamps
  • Vital optics and mirror assemblies are sealed against dirt and dust for long-term clear viewing and durability
  • Diffuser filter broadens the illumination beam for enhanced viewing of the peripheal retina
  • Choose portable power source or versatile wall/desk power source

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3049 Without Filters $2149.00
3050 With Diffuser Filter $2152.00
3051 With Yellow Filter $2106.00
3052 With Diffuser and Yellow Filters $2275.00

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