Rusch Fiberoptic Green System Emerald Miller Laryngoscope Blades

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Greenspec Laryngoscopes are a high quality fiberoptic system designed to meet the need of bringing greater standardization to fiberoptic laryngoscopes. The green color coding identifies it as fiberoptic and indicates it's ability to interconnect with other green coded systems.The Greenspec pivot designs will accept other green coded fiberoptic systems. The green color coding allows for easy identificaiton of the fiberoptic system.


  • 5.0mm diameter fiberoptic light pipe
  • No crevices or hard to reach areas
  • Matte finish


  • Bright, focused light
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduced glare from the blade
  • Interchangeable with other Green systems

Product Options

Web ID   Price  
3483 Emerald Fiber Optic Large Adult Miller Blade 4 $110.35
3482 Emerald Fiber Optic Medium Adult Miller Blade 3 $110.35
3481 Emerald Fiber Optic Child Miller Blade 2 $110.35
3480 Emerald Fiber Optic Child Miller Blade 1.5 $110.35
3479 Emerald Fiber Optic Infant Miller Blade 1 $110.35
3478 Emerald Fiber Optic Premature Miller Blade 0 $110.35
3477 Emerald Fiber Optic Small Premature Miller Blade 00 $110.35