Sun-Med Improved Vision Reduced Flange E-Mac Conventional Illumination MacIntosh Blades

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MacIntosh Blade Designed To Improve Your View of the Vocal Cords.

A modification of the English Profile blade by reducing the flange. This will enable the user to exert less force on the maxillary incisors while allowing more movement at the distal end to assist in visualizing of the vocal cords. The added channel improves visualization of the cords and provides a guide through which an endotracheal tubemay be inserted.


  • Provides greater visualization
  • Less potential damage to the patient's teeth
  • Channel provides assistance with endotracheal tube insertion


  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Designed to improve view of vocal cords
  • Satin finish reduces glare
  • Gentle curve and flange extend to distal tip
  • Channel runs down length of bladeand assists with guiding endotracheal tube
  • Reduced flange enables the user to exert less force onpatient's maxillary incisors while allowing movement at the distal end
  • Extra bright reflector lamp: Parabolic Reflector gas xenon lamp- the brightest light on the market!
  • Compare to Rusch ImpView
  • Available in sizes 2, 3, 3.5, and 4

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1806 Reduced Flange E-Mac Blade Size 2 (Child) $38.15
1807 Reduced Flange E-Mac Blade Size 3 (Medium Adult) $38.15
1808 Reduced Flange E-Mac Blade Size 3.5 (Extended Medium Adult) $38.15
1809 Reduced Flange E-Mac Blade Size 4 (Large Adult) $38.15