Sun-Med Miller-Port Conventional Illumination Laryngoscope Blades - Newborn and Infant

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The Miller-Port blade is a modification of the Miller blade that allows the individual to perform laryngoscopy and intubation with less risk of hypoxia. Built into the Miller blade is a tube that permits delivery of oxygen or other gas mixtures during intubation. Blade is made of surgical stainless steel.


  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Compare to Oxyport blades from Rusch
  • Polished external finish
  • Frosted lamps (reduced shadow)
  • Adapted for oxygen supply - built-in tube for oxygen or other gas mixture delivery
  • Available in sizes 0 (Newborn) and 1 (Infant)

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1852 Miller-Port Blade Size 0 (Newborn) $52.46
1853 Miller-Port Blade Size 1 (Infant) $52.46