Sun-Med PrismView Laryngoscope Blades - English Profile Conventional Illumination

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The English PrismView blade may be used:

  • When the view of the vocal cords is impaired, especially the most anterior larynx.
  • During nasal intubation
  • For post operative examination of the larynx.

All blades have an extra bright reflector lamp and contain an optically polished prism which provides a refraction of 30° without image inversion. To prevent condensation, warm the prism before use by immersing the complete unit in warm water. Blade is made of surgical stainless steel.


  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Satinfinish
  • Extra bright reflector lamp - Parabolic Reflector gas xenon lamp- the brightest light on the market!
  • Flange extends to tip of blade
  • Built-in prism provides refractionof 30° without image inversion
  • Compare to Rusch Viewmax ¢‚¬€œ bigger angle of refraction
  • Available in sizes 2, 3, 3.5, and 4

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1938 PrismView English Profile Blade Size 2 (Child) $76.31
1939 PrismView English Profile Blade Size 3 (Medium Adult) $76.31
1940 PrismView English Profile Blade Size 3.5 (Extended Medium Adult) $76.31
1941 PrismView English Profile Blade Size 4 (Large Adult) $76.31