Sun-Med Wis-Hipple Pediatric Laryngoscope Blades - American Profile Conventional Illumination

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The Wis-Hipple pediatric / infant laryngoscope isa modification of the Wisconsin laryngoscope blade with a straight spatula and a large circular flange. As compared to the Wisconsin or Wis-Foregger blade, the flange tends to be straighter and run parallel with the spatula. This blade was designed primarily for use in infants. The tip or beak of the Wis-Hipple is wider and well adapted to lifting the epiglottis. Blades made of surgical stainless steel.

  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Polished external finish
  • Frosted lamps (less shadow)
  • Modified Wisconsin profile with straight spatula and large, circular flange
  • Well adapted for lifting the epiglottis
  • Weight: .4 lbs
  • Specifications

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    5181 Wis-Hipple American Profile Blade Size 00 (Premature) $32.32
    1846 Wis-Hipple American Profile Blade Size 0 (Newborn) $32.32
    1847 Wis-Hipple American Profile Blade Size 1 (Infant) $32.32
    1848 Wis-Hipple American Profile Blade Size 1.5 (Small Child) $32.32